DP World Caucedo, a logistics and development powerhouse in the Caribbean

DP World Caucedo is a world-class logistics solutions company, located in Punta Caucedo, Dominican Republic, just 25 kilometers from the city of Santo Domingo, the country's commercial and political capital. The company covers every aspect of an integrated supply chain, from maritime and land terminals, warehouses and industrial parks. It was born with the objective of consolidating the Dominican Republic as a great competitor in international markets and a model of national and regional development.


Since its inception, DP World has focused on maintaining the highest standards of quality and operational efficiency. Those are the fundamental bases of their success and development in the Dominican Republic. Security is as important as the levels of efficiency and innovation, thus, the company has certifications such as Homeland Security, C-TPAT, BASC, OEA, SGS and CSI. Various investments have led it to become the most modern port in the country and one of the most important in the Caribbean and Central America.


An excellent chain of logistics services

Throughout its history, DP World Caucedo has won international awards such as: Sustainable Port, Port Of Greatest Growth, Best Port, Most Efficient Port. They work together with the General Board of Customs and the different associations related to the local and international shipping sector. All this, to offer Dominican and foreign importers and exporters an excellent chain of logistics services.


Over the years DP World continues to add value within the logistics chain, with the opening of new logistics services, among which the following stand out: Cargo consolidation, customs, land transport, among others. The current capacity of the terminal increased from 1.4 million to 2.5 million TEUs. Plus, the operating efficiency is the highest in the region, with an average of 30 movements per hour (GMPH), thanks to the acquisition of Super Post Panamax cranes.


A well-connected port

Connectivity is what differentiates DP World from other regional ports. Some of the main airports in the Dominican Republic, such as the Las Américas International Airport, is just 3 kilometers away. Additionally, the Punta Cana International Airport is also nearby, connecting the port with more than 100 destinations worldwide.


DP World’s vision is to become the first port in the region to have direct connectivity to an airport. The company is planning to build an express corridor that connects its terminal with Las Américas International Airport, achieving greater efficiency in multimodal transport.


They also have proximity to some of the main trade free zones in the country, industrial and technological parks, and the authorization to install free manufacturing zones within the Logistics Park. This creates an attractive package for foreign investors who want to take advantage of the region’s connectivity and the efficiency of reserves due to the integration of an outstanding logistics ecosystem that integrates: warehouses, manufacturing, port terminal and airport facilities.


Digitally transforming the logistics chain

DP World is also committed to the digital transformation of the entire logistics chain. They invest in cutting-edge technologies, simplified and improved processes. The team is dedicated to the elimination of physical documentation and its replacement with technology to achieve total automation.


They are currently supporting the DR Trade project, an electronic, neutral and open platform that will allow an intelligent and secure exchange of information between public and private agents. This platform will provide real-time visibility of all cargo and critical data for resource planning, optimizing logistics processes. It will also help improve the competitive position of the country's logistics community.


Social initiatives

But DP World is not only about commercial operations, logistics and revenue. Their vision goes beyond that, and that’s why the company is an active participant in the local community’s development. That’s why the company invests in the community’s education, because they understand that it’s a fundamental step for the country’s development and the eradication of poverty.


Through DP World Academy, the company contributes with the growth of professionals who are part of the entire supply chain in the country. This center offers high-quality training backed by the company's experience at a global level. The academic offer includes technical, basic and advanced courses, as well as certifications, executive and managerial programs, in the areas of logistics, port, maritime and manufacturing operations.


Other programs focus on the donation of road lighting lamps to Boca Chica mayor's office, which aim to increase the lighting of the streets and avenues of the municipality. They also contribute to the safety of the area. These actions reaffirm the company’s commitment to work with local authorities on projects that improve the quality of life of community members.


Environmental sustainability projects

The company also focuses on environmental sustainability projects that mainly involve the surrounding areas. Through this program they have participated in the maintenance of coral nurseries, mountain reforestation and coastal cleaning. They have also led citizen awareness programs and implemented the 3R rule (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). These actions have played a significant role in improving lives, strengthening communities, and minimizing environmental impact. The ISO 14001 certification on Environmental management is a reflection of those efforts related to environmental and social sustainability.


DP World constantly reiterates their commitment to contribute to the protection of the environment and natural resources in a sustainable way, for the benefit of the communities and their inhabitants. Their approach to sustainability is based on a model called “Our World, Our Future”, which is committed to minimizing the impact on the environment through the good management of natural resources and emissions. In addition, thanks to the use of solar energy through the incorporation of solar panels in their operations, they have saved approximately 4 thousand tons of CO2.



This entire business has the vision of increasing the competitiveness and connectivity of the country. Thus, contributing to the objective of the State of transforming the Dominican Republic into the logistics HUB of the Americas. The objective is to facilitate a more efficient trade that opens up a better future for the individuals that make up the supply chain, the communities and the nation in general.