Japan expects 2020 Olympics to result in increased demand for air travel

The decision to use the money to purchase a mix of 30 planes from Airbus and 40 from Boeing, a record order for Japan’s biggest airline, comes as the company anticipates a rise in the demand for air travel when Tokyo hosts the Olympic Games in 2020.

In a statement ANA said the aircraft will be delivered between 2016 and 2027 and will increase the size of the airline's fleet to 250 aircraft. Shinichiro Ito, ANA's president, said; "The aircraft we have selected will enable us to modernise and expand our fleet further as we seek to become one of the world's leading airline groups. These new aircraft will give us maximum flexibility and improved fuel efficiency and will allow us to meet the growth in demand, both internationally and in our domestic Japanese market.”

In anticipation for the 2020 Games, Japan’s Government has laid out plans that it hopes will boost the annual total of foreign visitors to Japan to 20 million.