The lure of the Eurotunnel remains strong throughout 2013

Over ten million passengers made the 31 mile journey under the Channel between England and France, resulting in sales of more than €1 billion. This ultimately saw Eurotunnel register a net profit totalling €101 million, up from the €32 million it recorded in 2012.

The company has now set a €500 million earnings target for 2015 when it expects to pay tax on its profits for the first time.

During its 20 year history Eurotunnel has been laden with debt, placed in bankruptcy protection and restructured, before making its first profit in 2007. In response to its 2013 results Chief executive Jacques Gounon said; "For the first time in the history of Eurotunnel, we think that the situation of the group is altogether satisfactory."

Eurotunnel will now increase its dividend by a quarter to 15 euro cents a share.