MICROMINE establishes link between Geobank and XRF machines

It is expected that this time-saving functionality will enable users to gain a rapid interpretation of mineral’s properties while actually in the field, this eliminating the need for geologists to wait for lab results to verify what they are working with.

XRF machines are portable geochemical analysers designed specifically for in-field mining and exploration use. By scanning a sample, an XRF machine provides users with an immediate analysis of elements.

Steve Bastick, Geobank Operations Manager explains, “information generated by the XRF machine can be seamlessly communicated to Geobank, which provides the ideal tool to manage and make sense of the vast quantity of data generated. Geobank brings all the benefits of laboratory-style QAQC to the XRF machine, and allows users to maximise their investment in the XRF. Additionally, the centralisation of data ensures that XRF results can be compared quickly and efficiently to the actual assay results once they are returned from the lab.”