More Zimbabwean land for tobacco


The country’s Tobacco Industrial and Marketing Board (TIMB) states that an estimated 120,000 hectares of land will be used for tobacco production. This follows the revelation that sales for this year totalled 144 million kilograms, bringing in $525 million at an average price of $3.66 per kilogram.

In comparison, last years’ sale of 131.9 million kilograms helped the country generate $360.9 million with a kilogram averaging at $2.74 per kilogram.

To date, 2012 has witnessed a sales increase of between 15 and 20 percent in tobacco seed. With 5000 hectares of land estimated to already be under seed, TIMB expects around 160 million kilograms of tobacco to be produced.

TIMB has also been quick to reassure companies and tobacco users that the industry is well placed to avoid the shortages that blighted 2011, with a further six suppliers of tobacco wrapping materials now under license.