The top 10 strategic infrastructure projects in 2014

10. New Doha Port Country: Qatar

Sector: Ports & Logistics
Sponsor: New Port Project Steering Committee
Stage: Under construction
Value: $8.2 billion

9. Canakkate Suspension Bridge
Country: USA
Sector: Highways & Bridges Sponsor: Texas DOT
Stage: Construction/procurement
Value: $9.7 billion

8. Energy East Pipeline Country: Canada

Sector: Oil & Gas
Sponsor: TransCanada Corp
Stage: Construction delayed
Value: $12 billion

7. Fully Automated Driverless Metro, Downtown Line - Stage 3

Country: Singapore
Sector: Rail-Light
Sponsor: Land Transport Authority
Stage: Under construction until 2030
Value: $12 billion

6. Gujarat International Finance Tec-City

Country: India
Sector: Urban Planning
Sponsor: Gujarat International Finance Tec-City Company Limited
Stage: Under construction
Value: $20 billion

5. Mecca and Medina Railway Stations of the Haramain High Speed Rail Project

Country: Saudi Arabia
Sector: Rail-High Speed
Sponsor: Yapi Merkezi-Saudi Bin Ladin Group Consortium - Saudi Railway Organization
Stage: Under construction
Value: $16.1 billion

4. Sinop Nuclear Power Plant
Country: Turkey
Sector: Electricity
Sponsor: The ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (Areva & Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)
Stage: Construction to begin 2017
Value: $22 billion

3. Dubai World Airport

Country: UAE
Sector: Airport
Sponsor: Dubai’s Department of Civil Aviation
Stage: Under construction
Value: $33 billion

2. Doha Metro

Country: Qatar
Sector: Rail-Heavy
Sponsor: Qatar Railway Development Company
Stage: Ongoing/Multiphase
Value: $36 billion

1. South-to-North Water Diversion Project - Phase I

Country: China
Sector: Water & Wastewater
Sponsor: Chinese Government
Stage: Under construction until 2022
Value: $58 billion