Varian Medical Systems holds radiotherapy workshop for African clinicians


Clinicians from across Africa attended a week-long workshop in Durban, South Africa, to learn about image-guided RapidArc IMRT technology.

Doctors and decision makers from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kenya and Angola gathered at Addington Hospital in Durban, which has treated 250 patients with RapidArc since becoming the first public hospital in Africa to use this technique in 2010.

"Our experience has demonstrated the major benefits of RapidArc compared to conventional radiation therapy in terms of patient satisfaction, treatment delivery and outcomes," says Professor Amo Jordaan, head of radiation oncology at Addington Hospital. "We were delighted to host this high-profile event which introduced RapidArc to many of our colleagues and shared our experiences."

Varian Medical Systems claims that the RapidArc system delivers precise image-guided IMRT (intensity modulated radiotherapy) up to four times faster than conventional IMRT.

The workshop included formal lectures by PD Luca Cozzi, head of research at the Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland and manager of the International Science Circle at Varian Medical Systems, as well as practical RapidArc sessions and attendance at selected patient treatments.

"Our staff are very enthusiastic and have gained great skill in delivering this treatment over the last 15 months,” said Professor Jordaan. “The workshop highlighted the major advances we have made in patient management thanks to RapidArc, demonstrating its true value and its potential for wide use across Africa."

Varian Medical Systems, of Palo Alto, California, has manufacturing sites in North America, Europe, and China.