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Specialists in improving the security of your business

Security Breaches caused by phishing emails or ransomware is one of the main reasons why a company’s reputation or operation can drastically decrease. In these times of intensive teleworking, the risk of suffering security threats increases due to the increase in the management burden of information systems to respond to these new needs.


The “New Normal” we live in has made it necessary for employees to work from home/remotely and this present new risk to your network infrastructure. Outside the more secure company network, the employees are now the ones who are directly exposed to phishing attacks that can jeopardize the security of your information systems due to the lack of updating and supervision of said systems.


To minimize these risks, it is now more than ever important to have full access to the security status of all the computers in the company and ensure that they can be managed and updated through a simple Internet connection without the need for VPN tunnels that only affects employee experience.


At Midway Technologies we are specialists in improving the security of your business. We deploy technologies such as Azure Sentinel, Defender, Azure Information Protection, Conditional Access, Intune, Co-Management or Autopilot, among others to increase the level of security for your teams and employees as if they were connected in the office and with a simple Internet connection.

At Midway Technologies, we are helping the Port of Algeciras in its digital transformation process.

Our job is to advise and execute the project. We updated their current email infrastructure to an online model, we migrated their applications and services from Microsoft SharePoint 2013 to Microsoft SharePoint Online.

This change will allow the Bahía de Algeciras Port Authority to update its systems, better adapt to the new needs for integration with external systems, to make costs more flexible and, of course, to have a more collaborative environment where it can execute its daily work.

Midway Technologies carries out its function with focus on high quality, professionalism and rigor, using the most modern technologies, always focusing on operational excellence and full customer satisfaction.

The sectors in which Midway Technologies works requires greater intensity very high levels of innovation and quality, which we continually meet based on our continuous commitment to technological evolution and the development of our human resources capacity

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