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PETROSEN SA, the Société des Pétroles du Sénégal is a limited company with majority public participation, 99% owned by the State of Senegal and 1% by the National Recovery Company. Created in May 1981, it is placed under the supervision of the Ministry in charge of Hydrocarbons.

PETROSEN is the instrument for applying the oil policy of the State of Senegal and is in charge of the promotion, research and exploitation of hydrocarbon resources, refining, storage, marketing, distribution, transportation of petroleum products and industrial activities related to the segments listed above.

With the arrival of "First Gas" expected at the end of 2023 and "First oïl" in 2023, Senegal has been engaged since October 2019 in a process of optimizing the benefits from these resources. A reflection that led to the transformation of the Pétroles du Sénégal company into a group (PETROSEN HOLDING SA) which includes two subsidiaries PETROSEN E&P and PETROSEN T&S

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