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TECOS: Engineering the future with Excellent
TECOS Ltd. (“TECOS”) is one of the companies that collaborate with RTDA, enabling it to achieve its objectives. Founded in Rwanda’s capital Kigali in 1995, TECOS is a private engineering consulting company that has worked on a broad range of engineering projects that have included transport infrastructure, industrial parks, stadiums, buildings, and urban planning. In total, it estimates that the aggregate investment in the projects it has worked on is in excess of US$10 billion.

This kind of success doesn’t happen overnight. Since its earliest days, it has placed an emphasis on the highest quality of engineering. This saw it become the first Rwandan company in the construction sector to be certified by the Rwanda Standards Board (RSB), and to achieve ISO quality standards RS ISO 14001:2015 and RS ISO 45001: 2018.

Quality is combined with flexibility to offer unrivaled client service in this corner of Africa. TECOS has the ability to take a project from start to finish or to provide consulting on individual components of a project, as required. The skillset of its engineering team has seen it contribute to projects at the concept stage (for example, in commissioning support, pre-project activities, and procurement services) to project commissioning (for example, project management and coordination, and construction management and supervision).

Like its partner RTDA, TECOS has set itself ambitious targets. Having secured a profile as Rwanda’s leading engineering consulting firm, it now seeks to gain ground in new markets. Increased interest in Africa as a destination for international investment means large infrastructure projects are springing up all over the continent. TECOS’ experience of working in Rwanda’s sometimes complex geographic environment should give it an advantage over other engineering firms competing in tenders.

Africa has never been short of resources. Historically, one of the biggest shortfalls on the continent was its lack of technical skills. Thankfully, this shortfall is now being addressed across several industries, and Rwanda provides a prime example of how this is the case. TECOS is the flag bearer for the progress being made in high-skilled areas. Now that its ambitions have moved beyond the borders of its own country, its horizons are boundless


Kigali - Rwanda
Gasabo, Kimihurura, Rugando,
KG 607 ST 24P.O.
Box 2025 Kigali-Rwanda
T. +250 788 318 55 | +250 787 100 805E. RS


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