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SGB-SMIT POWER MATLA is the largest power transformer manufacturer in Sub-Saharan Africa and has more than 75 years of local South African history - backed by the global strength and expertise of the SGB-SMIT Group, spanning more than 114 years. The company has the capability to design, manufacture, test, install and commission a wide range of power and distribution transformers within the two manufacturing plants located in Cape Town (distribution) and Pretoria (Power). The company has a fully equipped laboratory in Pretoria, with testing capability for materials testing (including transformer oil) and also supports external clients.

The Pretoria plant has a manufacturing capacity from 5 MVA 66kV up to and including 800 MVA 420 kV and incorporates power and furnace transformers, rectifier transformers, traction transformers, shunt reactors, and related equipment. The production facility also includes a fully accredited transformer testing facility where all transformers manufactured are tested according to international standards (IEC 60076). This recently installed test equipment has been designed to handle the largest high-voltage transformers capable of being produced within the factory.  The test facility can also test transformers according to ANSI specifications.  Special tests are also available on customer request.  This in-house testing facility represents a significant strategic advantage and is currently the largest facility in Africa.

The factory in Cape Town, known as Distribution Transformers, manufactures distribution transformers from 16 kVA to 5 MVA 66 kV; miniature substations; LNERs; NECRTs, and other related equipment.

Every SGB-SMIT POWER MATLA product is custom-made from standardized design elements and uses uniform manufacturing operations. This flexible, but well-coordinated approach ensures the highest quality of design and construction for all transformers and makes the best possible use of the valuable knowledge and experience gained over the years and best practices developed.


Pretoria West • South Africa
Phone +27 12 318 9911
Cape Town • South Africa
Phone +27 21 505 3000

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