As the world unites to fight and manage the challenges presented by the global Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic, a number of companies across the globe are doing their bit to protect staff, engage local community, educate customers and directly contribute to fight against the virus

And in line with this BE brings you a small list of what some of the biggest brands are doing

Archaeologists have shown that Ecuador’s capital Quito has a history which extends back over 5,000 years, making it one of the oldest cities in the world. This is at least in part due to the city’s famous geography: at an altitude of 2,850 metres above sea level, defenders of the city were able to see enemies coming a few hours in advance. These days, it just means the views are spectacular.

Metro de Santo Domingo: Un transformador cumple 10 años

El Metro de Santo Domingo, el sistema de metro más extenso de la región de America Central, cumple 10 años en 2019. Durante este tiempo, el metro ha transportado más de 500 millones de pasajeros en la ciudad, y cada año muestra un crecimiento significativo. Vale destacar que, diez años después de su apertura, un boleto de metro cuesta lo mismo que el día en que se abrió: RD$ 20 (cuarenta centavos de dólar estadounidense).



Fernando Ruiz

Mina Cobre Las Cruces: Leading Spain’s Mining Turnaround


Fernando Ruiz

In November 2015, Lesedi La Rona, the world’s second-largest gem-quality diamond ever found, was mined at the Karowe Mine in Botswana. The mining team behind the discovery was Lucara Diamonds (formerly called Boteti Mining), a diamond exploration and mining company founded in 2009. In less than six years, the Canadian-registered firm had made a discovery that placed it firmly in the spotlight of industry analysts.

In June 2019, the government of Rwanda put forth the National Electrification Plan, which aims to see 100% of Rwandan households with access to electricity, both on-grid and off-grid, by 2024.


ELEMAC Limited Rwanda

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"ELEMAC LTD is a family-owned company that was founded in 2003. It was founded to capitalise on other regional companies'  limitations and inadequacies in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.

Due to the sales/management and administration skills of ELEMAC LTD, the company has maintained an excellent reputation in the community and industry. ELEMAC LTD provides all-electric, mechanic, plumbing, CCTV cameras, fire alarm &fighting, solar system, backup system, air conditioning & fan, and lightning protection to customers, with the option of offering after-sale services."

Elemac works with some of the largest companies and infrastructure providers in Rwanda including Rwanda Energy Group  (REG)


P.O. Box: 3968, Kigali-Rwanda
KN 4 Street.Muhima-Kabasengerezi,Between The National  Post Office & Panafrica
Tel: +250 787 393 286 / +250782212428(whatsapp)


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Century Engineering Contractors Limited (CEC LTD)

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CEC Ltd (a subsidiary of  EPC Africa Group) is one of Rwanda's leading Civil Engineering and Electromechanical Contractors that specializes in:

  • Power Generation Infrastructure Projects.
  • Power Transmission and Distribution Projects.
  • Real Estates, Affordable Housing & Community Development Projects.
  • Water Supply and Sanitation Projects.
  • Marine and Civil Construction related Works.

CEC Ltd made the history of being the first Rwandan company that successfully built a 220kV Transmission Line; a portion of Shango-Birembo Line interconnecting Rwanda and DRC.

Other companies in the EPC Africa Group Includes 

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